Monday, July 27, 2009


Some more random thoughts on returning to the US, after nearly eight years in Zimbabwe...
  • “Re-entry” is easy because SO MUCH IS AVAILABLE (gas, electricity, water, groceries, ATM’s,…)

  • "Re-entry” is tough because SO MUCH IS AVAILABLE! How do we reconcile the differences?

  • What do we do to keep the very poorest of the world in “high priority” in our day to day existence?

  • And yet, how do we help the very poorest right here in our own country?

Giving a free handout to all who ask is not right, and yet doing nothing is not right either. “Easy Answers” certainly don’t come to me; I don’t envy those in government who are trying to make rational and good decisions. They certainly need our prayers and support, and our involvement..

It is easier to be involved in a large HIV/AIDS program at St. Theresa Hospital and see the results from month to month than it is to try to be involved in helping the homeless or the out of work in the USA.

And yet, someway we MUST be involved!