Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eight Days of Gratitude

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and the start of the Advent Season in the US, it gives me a chance to compare what WE might give thanks for and what the people around St. Theresa Hospital might give thanks for.

This post will be the first of eight reflecting on gratitude.


USA: Clean, safe water from the tap “every time.”

ST. THERESA HOSPITAL: Clean, safe water “every time” – “as long as bore-holes function. “ Special Thanks to Shawano, WI Rotary Club for their efforts to help with a new borehole in 2010.

SURROUNDING AREA: Clean water at a pump borehole within one to 1½ mile of our home. Many have to use river water and then there is very high risk of water borne diseases (e.g. cholera) IF the water is not boiled.