Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Right Now...

We are getting ready to travel to L.A. for the big Charity Event on Feb 6th. Although we will be getting an award, we really feel that there are most likely many others who deserve it just as much or more than we do. Still, we are very grateful for this recognition.

I am busy trying to prepare an appropriate talk -- we will post it on the Blog after the event. I most likely will "again" use part of the "Romero Prayer" (on the left) since it has been my mantra ever since we returned to Zimbabwe in 2001. It helps to provide some stability in a situation where there is so much instability.

I read the news from Zimbabwe nearly every day, and it is only by having something like that prayer to fall back on that one is able to continue to have hope for the very poor of the country. Now we hear that once again the Southern half of Zimbabwe has had essentially no rain since the middle of December, so there will again be very poor (or no) crops this year. It is going to be another extremely difficult year, and deaths from starvation will only be prevented by even more food aid -- the majority of it from the U.S. With the devastation in Haiti and the need for such a large amount of aid "right now", it is going to be difficult for organizations to find the food that will be necessary.